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Meet the 10 of Pentacles

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Legacy. Stability; Prestige. Good family life. Prosperity. Joy. Share the wealth (spiritual / financial). Look forward to a new beginning.

“We’re still here.” Despite the genocide, broken treaties, institutional racism, forced relocation, boarding schools, attempted erasure, California Natives maintained traditions and passed their legacies through the generations. “The Modoc brought word of the Ghost Dance to the Shasta. In 1871,Wodziwob’s Ghost Dance spread from the Paiute in Nevada to a number of California tribes, including the Washo, Mono, Modoc, Klamath, Shasta, Karok, Achumawi, Northern Yana, Wintun, Hill Patwin, and Pomo. Mono chief Joijoi learned of the Ghost Dance from Moman, a Paiute Ghost Dance leader.” Joijoi sponsored the first Mono Ghost Dance at Saganiu. He invited other tribes to attend and spread the word of the dance throughout California. “The Ghost Dance was instrumental in reshaping native shamanism and helped Native Californians withstand pressures to adopt Christianity.”

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