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Bonus Cards

California Tarot - Shadows and Light includes two bonus cards. The Summer Solstice card includes individuals from the deck as they celebrate the height of summer: Francisca Benecia Vallejo, the Empress; Mary Tape, the Queen of Swords; Winema also known as Toby Riddle, the Queen of Cups; Queen Califa, the fictional Black warrior queen who ignited the spirit of California; and Adelita, who is the wife and the feminine aspect of the Fool. Together, they spiritually represent the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, and they physically mirror the diversity that is integral to a healthy California. The Dia De Los Muertos card shows The Fool and Adelita, riding Zeke. The connection between the celebrations of Dia De Los Muertos and Hallowe’en has long been a tradition of California's colonial history. These two cards represent the Sun and the Moon and the aspects of Light and Shadow, in both ourselves and in the year’s cycle. The cards can be used in Shadow work in context with a querant’s question, or as guidance for Yes / No questions, but we leave it to you to assign the values to the cards.

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