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Meet the 10 of Cups

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Your life is aligned with your values. Contentment. Joy, Peace. Happiness. Fulfillment. Celebration. A happy family life, true friendships, lasting happiness, success and fun. Highs and lows are temporary--know what matters. Alvin Aaron Coffey was born into slavery in Kentucky. When he came to California, he made enough from mining to buy his freedom; however, his “master" took Coffey’s money, took him back to MO, and sold him to someone else. Coffey returned to California in 1854 and again purchased his freedom. He saved money to buy his family's freedom, too, and they lived in Shasta County until 1857, when he bought a farm in Red Bluff, Tehama County, and was employed by the Government during the Modoc War. He provided horses to the U.S. Army and worked as a teamster. Later, Coffey operated a laundry and raised turkeys. He and his wife, Mahala (Tindall), raised their 6 children on their homestead. The children attended Logan's school for African American and Native American children in Shasta County, which Coffey helped found in 1858. Later, Coffey lived in the Home for Aged Colored People in Alameda County, and became the only black member of the California Society of Pioneers.

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