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Meet the 2 of Wands

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Choose your goal, then make your plan. Discovery. Dynamism. Bold confidence. Be sure, then go. Turn that vision and ambition into a way to move forward.

“John C. Fremont was one of the greatest adventurers of mid-19th Century America.” Called “Pathfinder,” he explored and mapped the West and trail-blazed for Western Expansion. Fremont entered Mexican-controlled California with 60 gunmen and began seizing land in 1845. He provided the foundation of the “Myths of the Far West” and Manifest Destiny and led the Bear Flag Revolt. He ‘discovered’ Lake Tahoe in 1844.

Fremont became a Senator and Governor of California. he was also a murderer, pillager, wingman/patron of Kit Carson, and an ambitious self promoter.

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