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Meet the 4 of Wands

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Celebrate an initial success, a first milestone achieved. Stability. Take a breath before the next stage begins. Prosperity. Harmony. You have the green light to continue. Check your boundaries. Festivals were important cultural events for Chinese people throughout California, as was celebrating family relationships, marriage, funeral customs, etc.

Lunar New Year (first day of the first moon, Jan/Feb) lasts 7 - 14 days, and is the most colorful festival of the year. It includes the lion dance. Other festivals: Pure Brightness Festival (April) is like Memorial Day. Dragon Boat Festival (fifth day of the fifth moon), Spirits’ Festival (15th day of the 7th moon), Moon Festival (15th day of 8th moon) is a harvest festival, Chung Yang (ninth day ninth moon), Winter Solstice.

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