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Meet the 8 of Swords

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Clara Shortridge Foltz was the first woman lawyer in California. She arrived in California in 1872 (San Jose), and her husband deserted her and their 5 kids in 1876. Despite her desperate circumstances, she studied law in the office of a local judge, lectured on suffrage and pushed for women’s voting rights. She authored a state bill for women lawyers and sued for admittance to Hastings Law school. She Pioneered the idea of public defenders, and became the first female clerk for the State Assembly's Judiciary Committee (1880); the first woman appointed to the State Board of Corrections; the first female licensed Notary Public.

During 1887–90 she lived in San Diego, where she founded and edited the daily San Diego Bee.. She organized a women’s department for the United Bank and Trust Company of San Francisco in 1905.

We are excited to accept PRE-ORDERS for the full, 78 card California Tarot - Shadows & Light tarot card deck

It will include an 84 page booklet and be packaged in a two-piece hard box. If you have the 22 card Major Journey deck, DM us for a coupon code worth a $35 discount! The full deck is planned to ship in Summer 2021, and we will be sending out a monthly newsletter to keep you updated!

California Tarot - Shadows and Light

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